Well-Fed Microbiome Cookbook Update

It’s now been more than three months since the launch of The Well-Fed Microbiome Cookbook. And what an amazing three months it’s been! From start to finish, the book was a really fun project — a nice break from the technical writing and ghostwriting I do in my daily work.

I had finished the book’s content for a tight deadline in February, and then turned my attention to other things. July rolled around and I had almost no expectations for the book launch — so when emails and messages started coming in from friends, family, colleagues, and strangers, it was truly heartwarming. The book even spent a couple of weeks as a “nutrition” bestseller on Amazon Canada (hot on the heels of Deepak Chopra):


Here are a few of the promo activities I’ve been doing along the way:

A Reddit Ask Me Anything — I did this with the editor’s encouragement, despite having no experience with Reddit. I was so impressed with Redditors’ smart questions and insights. Now I’m trying not to let Reddit become a new online addiction.

A podcast interview with the insightful clinician and communicator, Frances Arnold.

A book giveaway by GoodBelly.

A Q&A with this snappy blogger & citizen scientist, Lianne Campbell. (Yes, another Campbell, but no relation!)

…Also, scientist & blogger Esmeralda has been testing out different recipes from the cookbook and posting photos on her blog. I agree with her assessment that there aren’t enough photos in the cookbook, so I appreciate her sharing the pics from her own kitchen!

If you haven’t seen the book and want to know more, you can read some of the Amazon reviews — sixty and counting.



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